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UiO 72 nodesThe Numascale systems are up and running with outstanding reliability and we are proud to offer you test runs:


The NumaConnect Demo Systems

Test and demo systems are available for evaluation. The intention is to offer small systems that can be accessed quickly and easily to validate the technology for your application. You apply for access by filling in a form and our technical staff will contact you for briefing and time slot allocation.


→To the Access Request Form

→Demo System Specs

Interested in this technology and our products? →Please contact us for more information!


→InsideHPC's Video Interview with
Numascale's Einar Rustad at SC2012


→Read InsideHPC's Interview with Einar here




Perfect fit for challenging Big Data and HPC applications

Providing a range of complete shared-memory

server systems solutions and appliances


• In-memory databases and processing

• Real-time analytics Server Consolidation

• Revolutionary cost/benefit (TCO)


Enterprise mainframe performance at commodity cluster prices


Easy to maintain, one instance of the OS


Simple install and configuration


Scalable to 256TB memory and 4096 Nodes/196 608 Cores

Numascale Excels in Applications:

Learn about GPU Scaling

Numascale and Statoil show OPM application scaling

Open-source simulator suite for flow and transport in porous media

Geo data

→OPM Scaling with Numascale

Numascale's technology helps you meet your visualization challenges


→Visualization with Numascale

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